K Bay Caffee Homer, Alaska Where the Bean Meets the Dream
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Positive Vibes, Great Coffee, Organic Growth
The Dream
To provide coffee that inspires
the coffee drinker
To support farmers practicing organic methods
To encourage fair distribution of consumer donations
To inform and educate
To be informed and educated
This website is designed and created to share. Within it we strive to teach, to learn,
to communicate, and integrate any and all available knowledge and resources.
We invite you to join us in gathering information relevant to promoting the quality
of all life through the medium of organic specialty coffee.
Within this exchange you will find information on the coffees we offer, as well
as many links for you to explore
coffee offerings
All of our coffees are Certified Organic by OCIA and are labeled as USDA
Organic under the Guidelines described by the NOP (National Organic Program)
  Organic Community  
Our Roaster
Here you will find information about our local cupping schedule, protocol, results,
and sign-up information. Check out our photo gallery, which we will build
with your help. Plus, you can pay your invoices if you have an existing account.
If you are interested in purchasing our coffee, move to Alaska. We generally
don’t ship to the Lower 48, as we don’t like to engage in exchanges where
the shipper makes more than the farmer on a transaction. 
We will work on a referral program.

Support Your Local Roaster!

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