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Who We Are

If you are at this site, there is a good chance that you are interested in making
the world a better place through the medium of organic specialty coffee, and
we want to tell you about who we are in terms of how we contribute to this
goal. As a collective we have won some barista competitions, we all do pretty
great latte art, and, most importantly, we passionately care about the quality of
our work and to what end we are contributing. Here at the shop, all efforts are
equally important and necessary-- from roasting coffee to cleaning up; from
serving people fantastic beverages to reaching out and spreading the word;
from tasting what we are a part of to writing this. We are all committed in
different ways, each participating on levels that harness our individual interests
and skills. Our focus is to learn, improve, and apply our abilities in a way that
has a positive impact, and hope that our philosophy permeates all areas
of life. And that is really what you need to know about us...


Us is We is You and Me and All of Us

The Opportunity
 The organic specialty coffee industry allows us to find and connect with people
who treat the earth and each other with respect, and reward them for their
efforts.  As the second-largest commodity in the world behind oil, and one of the
most human handled products, the organic coffee trade is an
ideal mechanism to redistribute some of the consumer spending in the Western
world to those on the planet doing so much work for our benefit:
the farmers.  Historically, coffee has been used as a means of
economic slavery to many in third world countries. It is the trade commodity
they have. Indeed, many farmers have been forced to grow coffee instead of food
as a subsidy, and the World Bank has systematically stifled
their ability to grow anything but a cash crop.
This is where the opportunity lies. Being born into the "empire" endows us with a responsibility to "make the most of our situation," not by seeking
to increase the quality of our individual lives , but by focusing our energy on increasing the quality of all life. It's all about accountability. Not many people on the planet are granted the
opportunities we have been afforded.  Now we are able to reach out to coffee
growing communities all over the globe in tough economic situations and thank them for growing organic and treating this planet with respect. As they improve the
quality of our lives, we are able to improve theirs by paying a premium price for quality organic coffee.

A great cup of coffee improves a person’s day
They are better
They go out into our communities and have a greater positive impact
than if they had not had the experience
We encounter people at a point that they are open to a positive interaction, they
are taking a few minutes out for themselves and are receptive to positivity.  Face to
face contact with a human and a great beverage to improve their day, then our world.

Café Culture
 Participation in the support of the organic specialty coffee community
may be the best opportunity to have a positive impact on the quality of all life, both
in the redistribution of wealth and in the ideology that participation in the café
culture perpetuates.  Throughout the ages there have been a few prevalent options for community social engagement and interaction, places where networking occurs and decisions are made.  Churches, Bars/Taverns and Cafés have long been among the greatest contributors to the formation of the ideology that is prevalent for the time.  They are generally related in that when one is strongest, others are weaker
in their contribution to prevailing attitudes.  Churches, Bars, Schools, etc. are exclusionary to many degrees and have been declining in numbers.  The need to gather is consistent and the opportunity that comes out of the café culture is not one of separation, as are many of the others.  A product-based forum, and one that is open to all faiths and a large scope of economic situations,
cafés bring a wide spectrum of humans together in an environment that
encourages tolerance and togetherness. 

-Connections not Separations-

The connections and ideology that is inherent in this product-based gathering will manifest itself in the way people treat each other in other arenas of life.  The more the café culture becomes the prevailing means by which people gather, the more the structure of society will begin to infuse connection and cooperation within it, instead of separation. As we provide these forums for gathering and serve a quality product that is drenched in respect through every phase, societal structure will be influenced and tolerance of differences will become ingrained in our communities.
Much Love, Much Respect. And to a better world through Organic Specialty Coffee.  Here Here!

Roasting Room Mural
Quality is a result of Respect for every phase in the process of coffee
production-- from bean to cup.
For the Earth and all its creatures, water, and soil by supporting only
Organically Grown Coffee
For the Farmer
And the communities in coffee growing areas by encouraging Organic Farming Practice through a higher price for such efforts   
For the bean and all the hands that are involved in the process from the bean-- from seedling to planting and nurturing, and the meticulous care necessary to produce wonderful Organic Coffee cherries that are hand-picked, dried to perfection, sorted and sorted and sorted, stored and shipped to us in Homer, Alaska.   We continue the care and dedication to 
By searching for the optimal flavor profile of each offering, providing a true taste of place and connection to those growing these wonderful coffees.  We strive to
achieve optimal representation of the coffees through every phase of our contact with the beans, from roasting to brewing and serving, packaging and education.
For You, the coffee drinker by maintaining
In every phase of the preparation of your beverage.   We strive to make every beverage special, and take care to serve only coffee we believe is exceptional.  We also strive to disperse your monetary donations for this quality beverage to causes that align with the intent of your voting dollar.  More to the farmer!  Fairness!  Just distribution to those doing the most work with the greatest
We represent a long line of dedicated, hard working people doing our best to
improve the quality of all life through the medium of
Organic Specialty Coffee.


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