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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe’

A light, sweet, Natural Brasil. By far our lightest roast but not light in flavor. Your mouth will tingle with joy! Light nutty, sweet, caramel-- all those lovely baking tones. This treat is brought to us by our good friend Bruno Beccor. Bruno is from Brazil and has been working with producers from his home country to focus on Organic Specialty coffee production. His integral involvement has finally provided
us with an Organic Natural Brazilian that is a gem of a coffee-- and the key component in crema development in the Dream Blend. Thanks Bruno!
The other two roasters in North America with this coffee are Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea and 49th Parallel, both award winning roasters we are proud to be
in the company of.

Roast: Light
Nutty/Caramel/Baking Notes
Color: Tan/Gold
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