K Bay Caffee Homer, Alaska Where the Bean Meets the Dream
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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe’
Organic / Fairly Traded

Planted the seedling... she did it. Nurtured and watered the coffee plant... she did it. Harvested and processed the cherries... she did it.
Every aspect of this offereing has empowered a woman to do the job. The story of this bean is as emotionally involved as its joyful palate pleasantries.
The unique character provided by our only Caribbean accentuates its special.
A bit wild in flavor with light milk chocolate, raw dark cacao and toasted cashew appear beautifully in this dark roast. Prepare your being for what has been meticulously prepared for you.
This is more than a "feel good coffee," with a deep, rich flavor and syrupy body.

Roast: Dark/Medium
Color: Caramel/Orange
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