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Ethiopia Idido Natural

It may not replace the Idido in terms of cup profile, but this coffee has risen to
the pinnacle of our offerings. It is as if the Yirgacheffe' and the Misty Valley had a love child. Again we find a wonderful berry essence combined with the elegance
of a very fine coffee. We put in on par with the Yirgacheffe' in terms of quality
and the Misty Valley in terms of essence.
A malty, berry, musky flavor, an inviting mouthfeel that beckons the drinker to take another sip-- with an aftertaste that says I AM GREAT COFFEE! A very complex aroma and flavor profile without any miscues makes this coffee one that just won't disappoint. If you decide to be adventurous and try a new flavor, just be careful-- you might get hooked on this one.

Roast: Medium/Light
Color: Violet/Musk/Cedar
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