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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe’
Organic / Fairly Traded (Oromia Co-op)

Dark, delicious and daring are characteristics associated with this coffee. This
particular offering from the Oromia Co-op is widely regarded as one of the best Ethiopian coffees on the market. Hints of dried fruit/berries and dark forest come through in its aroma while charming baking tones of nutmeg and cinnamon with a chocolate shine provide a depth and richness that we just don't find in many coffees. This
"natural" processed coffee covers a wide spectrum of flavors with the undeniable essence of fruit and dark chocolate...yum!
A wonderful, flavorful coffee for those who think they want a "darker" roast,
Ethiopia Harrar will not disappoint!

Roast: Medium
Rich/Dark Fruit/Cocoa
Color: Burgundy/Cabernet
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