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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe’
Organic / Fairly Traded

When Michael visited this region in 2005, he was extremely impacted by its level
of poverty. Unemployment (60%), political instability, and natural disasters
have rendered this area havoc-stricken. Within the strife, farmers have gained
through collective coffee communities.
This particular co-op has sound integrity and placed among the top three
competitors in the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence. A photo of our mural hangs in their meeting room and we maintain a strong relationship with them. We have also contributed significantly to their health care fund.
This coffee takes on similar characteristics as its close neighbors, El Salvador and Guatemala, almost as if this particular offering was directly influenced by those higher in latitude states. Hints of sweet pepper, nuts, grass and hay mingle on the palate while aromas of nuts permeate the olfactory. Nicaragua differs from its neighbors in its palate presentation: it is more elegant and delicate, removed from the earthy and soil tones of surrounding areas.
This refined Central American offering lingers in the higher end of the spectrum.

Roast: Medium
Nuts/Sweetgrass/Toasted Grain
Color: Cinnamon/Brown Sugar
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