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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe’
Organic / Fairly Traded

From the newest nation in the world. Coffee is one of the crops that could help
this struggling country get on its feet to secure its future independence and security
. Timor FT Organic Arabica Cooperativa Cafe Timor (CCT) was founded
in the wake of the destruction of much of East Timor after it gained independence from Indonesia in 1999. In 2000, a group of farmers, in an attempt to successfully
market their coffee internationally, united to form CCT. Today, the organization
has grown to include 19,600 members from 16 base cooperatives and 494 small-scale farming groups. CCT obtained Fair Trade certification from Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) in 2001 and has since greatly benefited
from the Fair Trade price.
The coffee is exceptional. Earthy, tobacco tones with a deep clean mouthfeel. If you like these attributes, you will really like this coffee.

Roast: Medium/Dark
Color: Brown/Red/Green
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