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K Bay Cupping

What is Cupping? Why do we do it? How can you join in the fun?
Cupping is the extreme sport of coffee tasting.
Really it is the sensory evaluation of coffee.

It is an olfactory tasting sensation. Break it, Smell it, Sip it, Slurp it, Be it.

An explosion of the senses.

It is like building a road from your pallet to your brain,
calling on places you’ve been and things you have experienced.
It is calisthenics for you mind.

Other than obvious reasons for cupping, i.e. it’s super fun,
there are  technical, artistic and practical purposes.
We use this process to decide which coffees to buy, how to roast the
coffees we purchase so as to provide their tastiest representation, and
to expound on the characteristics of the coffee so as to better
communicate them with you-- and each other, of course! 

It stimulates understanding and dialogue about the individual
coffees and their taste profiles.  We want to understand their qualities
on a deeper level so that we are able to recommend coffees in a more
appropriate manner according to preference. You can get involved by
signing up a day in advance.

Cuppings are Monday and Friday at 1:00.
Space is Limited, so sign up early.

Call 235-1551  or 299-0880 and talk to Keren or Michael.


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