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We're happy to be able to provide you with links to the latest fair trade
and coffee news from across the web.
All of our articles are presented in the PDF format.
Can great coffee save the jungle?
A great article about striking economic and environmental balance
via the coffee industry, and its intrinsic relationship to our health
and the health of our planet.
Bird Friendly coffee
Answers to frequently asked questions about Bird Friendly coffee.
Fair trade article
The politics of the Fair Trade label, sustainably-grown coffee programs
and incentives, and more on making a difference with your dollar.
Coffee Report
A synopsis of the health benefits of coffee—
and the importance of making fresh, conscientious choices as a consumer.
East Timor
A peek into the struggle for independence and community, past and present,
in a nation that produces some of the finest coffees in the world.
SCAA child labor
This article explores the issue of child labor in the coffee farming sector, 
the true cost of low coffee prices worldwide, and why paying more for
quality coffee goes hand in hand with quality of life.
Coffee Cooperatives
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