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Conflict in Ethiopia, so much going on there.  Certainly a time of change. 
The Organic Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley we have currently
is the finest coffee we have had the opportunity to work with. 
Amazing berry flavor and refreshing mouthfeel.


black gold

Follow Tadesse Meskela, President of the Oromia coffee cooperative as he
travels the world promoting Fair Trade coffee to buyers on behalf
of the 75,000 small farmers he represents in Ethiopia.

This is a can’t miss coffee movie.  I watched it at UAA with some students and
our Terra Bella Family. This is a great opportunity for discussion about the role
of coffee in global sufferation and the opportunity it provides.

We also want to promote our support for Café’ Femenino.
 “A Great Coffee Doing Great Things”

cafe femenino

Coffee By Women For Women in Crisis. 

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