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K Bay Training

Welcome! Here you will find a growing collection of essays and articles
designed to improve your technique and increase your knowledge of the
coffees you serve.
We encourage everyone to submit their favorite materials.
All of our files are presented in the PDF format.

Barista Part 1
A history on the art of dosing, touching on traditional and widely-used
methods, excess and waste, and the road to proper extraction
Barista Part 2
A definitive essay about what it means to be a Barista,
behind the bar and on this planet.
Assistant Duties
A brief overview of an assistant’s responsibilities, including
crowd control and taking customer’s orders.
Batdorf Coffee Article
A Batdorf and Bronson write-up on quality, evaluation, and cultivation,
with answers to frequently asked questions.
Cupping Protocol
A guide to cupping procedure with emphasis on preparation,
scoring, and sensory evaluation.
Aroma Wheel
An analogy to the color wheel,  the flavor wheel offers a visual spectrum
of tastes and aromas-- from pungent to smooth, delicate to harsh--
and everything in between.
Bean Chart
SCAA’s bean classification chart discusses the grading system of specialty
and premium coffees, complete with picture profiles.
Grinding Advice
Know how to grind coffee properly based on chosen brewing method. 
Ratios of water to ground coffee are included
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